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    emhabit was created by Ivy and a group of his friends during his school time in France. He and his family are crazy and passionate pet lovers and has been had a dog for over 10 years. He loves walking and playing with her and always keeps this habit. When he doesn’t see his dog, he feels like losing or missing something. He was so afraid to lose her as he saw many cases of a stray dogs who was homeless or got hurt by a car or or killed in shelters. So he suddenly realized that dogs should be leashed outside and professionally trained to keep them safer, closer and easier under control as well as make strangers safe and sound.

    We work very hard to bring you the best deals, functional, durable and creative products at affordable and competitive price and make it is easier and safer to train and walk your dogs at anytime and anywhere. We aim to provide you pets with security, joy and provide you with convenience, happiness and pleasant shopping experience. We are committed to serve you with high-quality products, fast delivery and good customer service and will offer all types of advice on pet training and daily life our website and social media channels. It is a wise choice if you choose us. We are always here and ready for you anytime. Believe we can make a difference. Never miss us!

    After each purchase, we will donate a portion of our net profits to small non-profits animal protection institute. Let’s be together to make a better life for both you and your furry friends.

    As the only authorized seller or distributor for brand of emhabit, any offers from other sellers are fake or counterfeit products or unauthorized selling. Please make sure you purchase directly from our website to ensure you are receiving an authorized product.

    In order to follow the Intellectual Property Law and protect our trademark, any unauthorized selling of wellbrodeals products is prohibited as this is our exclusive registered brand.